side bar: lifts for real life


lift that box with power and form!

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The other day after carrying a heavy load of groceries in each hand while walking up the stairs to our apartment, I felt a little burn in my legs. It made me think of how the exercises I’m doing in Stage 1 of NROLFW mimic actions we would do in our day-to-day lives. I know this is certainly not an original idea, but I thought it would be a fun reminder of how practical lifting weights really is!

Below I’ve noted the exercise, and the type of action it mimics/supports:

Deadlift – picking up a heavy box off the floor

Squat – picking up a big backpack (think backpacker style! I have many experiences with this!), pushing off, and carrying it on your back

Lunges – Carrying heavy grocery bags in your hands and dodging puddles on the road (yeah…we have a lot of these where I live)

Step-ups – Carrying heavy grocery bags in your hands and walking up stairs

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Putting stacks of books into a tall bookshelf

Lat Pull-down – Pulling a heavy screen over a window

Cable Row – Pulling your couch across the floor while rearranging furniture (I also do this a lot)

Push ups –  getting off the floor and or/ (sex)? he he he

Swiss ball crunches – rolling up out of bed

Prone Jackknife –  Ok…I can’t think of any for this one with the exception of kicking off in a swimming pool. Or something. any ideas?


Realizing this made me see the power that weight lifting gives us. What do you guys think….Does your weight lifting mimic or support real-life movements?

PS. I am hella-sore today. Turns out that extra rep in my new workouts really works those muscles!


9 thoughts on “side bar: lifts for real life

  1. Love this!! And I think squats might go what you have push ups for! LOL.

    And heck yeah weight lifting is so beneficial for daily activities! It helps out a lot in my job because a lot of times we have to walk patients, get patients out of bed, turn them etc- and some of them are dead weight and can’t help you. But now it is so much easier that I’m stronger!

  2. I love this post! It’s definitely what everyone lifting should read. ‘Cause really, your lifts SHOULD include any and all of the above. I’m so much stronger in everything I do (not just weights) from doing these real life lifts and compound movements.

    And yeah, I’m sore too from them today! Love it!

    • totally agree! it’s amazing how much of a difference it’s made for me in just the few weeks since starting my program. Daily [strength] tasks are easier, but I think more than that, I approach them with a confidence that I didn’t have before.

  3. I love this! What a cute idea! I don’t think people realize how much strength training can benefit their every day lives 🙂

    Also, I didn’t answer your question in my comment section BECAUSEEEEE I am going to address it in my next post! But the short answer is, “I don’t really know.” I am doing low carb AND low fat. Low carb for sure works, low fat just because I’ll be FORCING my body to lose fat it doesn’t want to lose. I think?

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