i haven’t violated anyone

Hi all,

Did any of you catch WordPress’s flub last night? After posting my blog entry last night, I returned to my homepage to find the message: “Your account has been suspended due to violations of our terms of service” or something to that extent.

Of course, I started freaking out, thinking that I had done something terrible – did I steal someone’s pictures? write something unauthorized?

Then I realized that no, I hadn’t done anything, and that this suspension was bunk! I emailed the WordPress people right away and they took all night to get back to me. But, in the morning, I had this message in my inbox:


Our apologies – the system should not have done that.

We have removed the warning and we are very sorry for any concern it may have caused.



Obviously I knew that I hadn’t violated anyone, but it was a relief to know that my blog hadn’t been permanently removed or damaged. I was paranoid for a little while that you’d all think I was some kind of robot fraudster.

So, if you saw a weird message last night, do not fret: I am not a spam-bot.



3 thoughts on “i haven’t violated anyone

  1. Thank goodness it wasn’t anything serious! But I know how much that can make a person freak out, as I’ve had similar issues!

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