Day 3: And the Hunger sets in…

Day 3, no scheduled workout.

I did go to the gym though, to do some steady state cardio to loosen up my muscles a little bit (ok, let’s be honest, also because I am paranoid that eating so many calories every day is going to make me gain weight!). I was really craving it though, just sitting on a bike, reading and sweating it out. It was good. I plan to do mainly HIIT as my cardio, but I wanted to feel out the first week’s post-workout muscle soreness first.


15 minutes upright bike
20 minutes recumbent bike
10 minutes elliptical

In terms of food…today I have been HUNGRY! Looks like my muscles are finally communicating with my stomach! Meals for the day…

B – oat bran, vanilla rice protein powder, strawberries, greek yogurt, 1T flax seed
S – cottage cheese, canteloupe, leftover egg casserole
L – lean sirloin stir-fried with coleslaw mix (cabbage & carrots)
S – apple and 2T almond butter
D – turkey bolognese, whole wheat rotini, salad
S – protein shake

So far so good. I am paranoid that my pants are getting tighter. That being said, as long as my waist is getting smaller I don’t mind 😉


4 thoughts on “Day 3: And the Hunger sets in…

  1. Dont worry about eating too much girl – your muscles need it!! are you count calories? it doesn’t sound like you’re eating too much (compared to me!! lol i eat so much and have no gained)…and when you’re lifting heavy you’ll be burning calories constantly!

    • I am counting calories using Most days I’ve been getting in around 1800 – so slightly below my recommended maintenance of 1900-2100. My appetite is increasing, slowly but surely… 🙂

  2. Hi! I just found your blog.. so happy to see another lifter! Don’t worry a thing about your pants getting tighter- that’s totally normal when you first start lifting- you get a nice little muscle pump for a while! And waist getting smaller = win!!

    Oh, and I agree with Christina- don’t worry about eating over your daily needs- when you first start lifting is the time when you can make the most muscle gains, so might as well take advantage of it!

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