Day 2: This really is HARD work.

Day 2 of NROLFW, Stage 1 / Workout B1. (B, because I worked out hard already on Monday before starting the program, and also because I’m starting on a Wednesday and am just going to do 2 workouts this week)

I got to the gym a lot later than I had hoped for this morning. It took me quite a while to [cook and] prepare my meals for the day. Looks like I’m going to have to do a bit of extra planning in the evenings to ensure I’m organized so I can get to the gym early. It’s really a necessity: the gym at school (the one I use most weekdays) is PACKED by about 9am. This makes things difficult for obvious reasons. No space to do your workout, weights are all out, machines are occupied, jerks abound, etc.

In any case, going this morning during peak hours was incentive enough for me to get myself out of bed a couple hours earlier so that I can get in for around 7-7:30am.

As for the actual work out….it kicked my ass! By the end of most of my sets I was tired and shaking. Not in the low-blood sugar kind of way, but in the “I really put my everything into that!” kind of way. It was that simultaneous feeling of terrible/awesome.

In terms of what I actually lifted, it was slightly better than expected (for my first workout). Here’s what I did.

Warm up – rowing, other exercises.

Deadlifts – 2 sets @ 50lbs/15

Alternating Sets

Shoulder Press – 1 set @ 20lbs/5, 1 set @ 15lbs/10, 1 set @15lbs/9
W/G Lat pulldown – 1 set @60lbs/15, 1 set @50lbs/15

DB Lunges – 2 sets @ 20lbs/12
Swiss ball crunches – 2 sets @ bodyweight/15

Honestly, I look at that and it sounds like nothing. But believe me, these were heavy weights for me. As you can see there were a few sets where I either dropped the weight (lat pulldown) or did fewer reps than planned <15). That’s okay though, it shows me that I’m close, and gives me some immediate gains to work towards.

As far as food goes, I am having a REALLY hard time meeting my recommended caloric intake. 1900-2100 is really, really tough for me. Yesterday after snacking all day and going out for dinner, I only made it up to about 1700.

Today my meal plan looks like this:

B – oat bran + greek yogurt
S – recovery shake
L – turkey wrap + salad
S1 – egg bake (a sort of crustless quiche) + veggies
S2 – cottage cheese + cantaloupe
D – ??? I have class tonight, and then I have to rush off to a performing arts show I’m watching right after.
S – protein shake

With all of these added up already (I use NOT including the dinner I have not yet planned, I am only up to 1500 calories. Which means that if I want to stick to the plan, I need to add in at least 600 calories to make it up to the  2100 mark that NROLFW recommends. guh! Honestly, I have felt full ALL day. Almost like I have a rock in the pit of my stomach. I’m going to do what I can to get the calories up, but I’m not going to stress if I don’t make it to 2000.

Isn’t it funny…trying to ADD in calories rather than reduce them? Haha….


4 thoughts on “Day 2: This really is HARD work.

  1. I totally know what you mean.. it does get easier! After a while you just want to eat because you know you can (although that probably isn’t that healthy either! ha!!)I had to cut down on my veggies and up my fat intake- that helps a lot!

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